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"..and 4,000 shall offer praises to the Lord with the instruments that I have made for praise." 

This is my mission, this is my purpose. To bless the Levites of this hour with instruments of praise. Read on if you want to know more and how you could be part of this mission!

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Blessing the Levites

Just as David made instruments for the Levites in his days, it is my desire to create instruments for the Levites of this hour. In the days when Moses received the law from the Lord in the book of Numbers, you can see that the Levites were set apart for a special purpose. They get to serve in the tent of meeting, the House of the Lord. What a wonderful place to be in! They are considered a gift, given by the Lord Himself for the people. While having no inheritance in their land, and neither a portion among them, the Lord is their portion and inheritance. He makes sure they will receive what they need. They are given a contribution from the tithes of the people of Israel for an inheritance.

In that manner I have set myself and my business to be a contributor for the Levites of this Hour.

It is He who gave me my talents. And as the parable in Matthew 25:14-30 shows, He just wants us to use our talents and it shall be fruitful when we use them. From that abundance that flows from doing what He asks of us to do, I will give back to Him by creating instruments for those who serve Him in His House. Or bless those with a tithe whoever the Lord puts on my heart. My tithe as an offering before the Lord.

It's the way the Kingdom works, it's Gods Economy. 

Even in our businesses.

So maybe you are reading this as a business owner or just because you would love to see the Levites of this hour be blessed. I encourage you to contact me, to see if we could help those that serve in the House of the Lord.

They might not always have the financial needs for a new instrument, but together we can contribute in their inheritance.

Thank you for taking the time to read on this, pray on it and if this stirs something in your heart contact me.

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Kind regards,

Rik van Renswoude

Owner of Resolute Guitars

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Thank you for supporting the Levites of this hour!

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